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The City of Petersburg, Virginia

Under Virginia State Law, the records are public information. Display of this information on the internet is specifically authorized by Virginia Code 58.1-3122.2 (1998).

If you believe any data provided is inaccurate or if you have any comments about the site we would like to hear from you. Comments may be submitted via email to cityassessor@petersburg-va.org or by telephone at (804) 733-2333. Please note that emails with attachments will not be accepted.

Do not rely on zoning description for the properties on the web page. Please contact the Planning Department at (804) 733-2308 for current zoning of the property.

The assessments you will be viewing are 2015 assessments. The records are updated as noted on the bottom of each page. The next scheduled reassessment for the City of Petersburg is July 2016.

Disclaimer: The City of Petersburg Assessor's Office makes every effor to produce and publish the most current and accurate property tax information possible. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the date herein, for its use, or its interpretation. Neither the City of Petersburg nor the Assessor's Office assumes any liability associated with use or misuse of this data.

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